About Us

We are Union Business Services, Inc., a Web consulting firm dedicated to bringing low-cost, high-impact Web presence to businesses of all sizes. Established in 1999, UBS offers well-honed skills and over two decades of experience in the areas of site development, site management, and online marketing.

As it has been for a decade now, our aim is to always be partners in your success. How do we do this? By maximizing synergies? No.

Passionate disintermediation? No.

Incentivizing mindshare? Um, no.

Monetization? Actionability? Dynamicism? No. No. No.

Granted, the Internet has changed just about everything in only 15 years or so, including the speed at which this kind of empty marketing-speak and sloganeering can catch on. But, at the same time, let's never forget the words of legendary investor Sir John Templeton:

The four most expensive words in the English language are 'this time itís different'.

Here's one thing that is not different: No amount of consulting jargon can take the place of hard work and no nonsense, in any line of work.

Still, here's one thing that is: Many of the changes brought by global connectivity have required many small businesses to now compete, like it or not, in a worldwide market. Customers now have more and more access to information about the nature and costs of products and services, workers overseas can perform even high-end jobs for less, and even modestly sized companies can utilize outsoucing to compete 24/7.

Our success (that is, your success) in helping your business meet challenges like these arises from the most old-school, offline values there are: Dedication, integrity, and common sense.

Contact us today; let's get you online.