Search-Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google AdWords

Since its launch in its present form in 2005, AdWords has become not only the primary source of Google's phenomenal revenues, but also a lucrative marketing opportunity for many advertisers.

Just choose which Google users you want to get in front of, write the ad you want to show them, and pay if they click on it: That's the gist.

Doing it is easy; doing it well is another matter— and requires real expertise that only an investment of time can bring.

Other SEM

In addition to Google AdWords, there are other pay-for-placement advertising opportunites on the Web. While the definition of SEM differs even among authorities as varied as the New York Times and Search Engine Watch, our definition also includes non-paid placement opportunities such as and other directories.

For the sake of our clients' confidentiality, we have not posted information on any prior work here, but we'll be happy to discuss it upon request.