Site Development

Don't let anyone tell you different: There's no one way to develop a site. However, we have refined the task into an effective, five-step process that has served us well with many types of clients and their many types of sites. (View some samples.)

Even more importantly, development itself is not simply one thing; we divide it into four discrete components:

  • Content: What your site says-- or, more specifically, how it reads. Writing online copy is not as easy as it looks. There's a particular way to present information on the Web, and not everyone who claims to know how, knows how.
  • Function: What your site does. Depending on the nature of your business, this can be as simple as a contact form or as elaborate as a multimedia presentation. Behind the scenes, our HTML, CSS, scripts, and other code are clean, efficient, and well-commented.
  • Design: What your site looks like. For many developers, this is the first and often only consideration. Big mistake— but one we can help you avoid.
  • Usability and Information Architecture: How your site makes sense. This is actually a combination of the other three components, because it encompasses word choices (content), interacting with your visitors (function), and layout (design).