Traffic Reporting and Analysis

Every month, each of our clients gets a suite of custom site-traffic reports. These reports are to standard hosting reports what filet mignon is to hamburger. Here's the difference:

  • A hosting vendors will tell you that you got (say) 100,000 hits last month. (Wow!)
  • We'll tell you more: That those hits occurred during only 20,000 visits.
  • And more: That 8,000 of those visits were made by bots. What's a bot? Click here.
  • And then: We'll make sure you know the difference between a hit and a visit. Wondering? Click here.

Granted, the 12,000 visits that remain are less of a thrill, but it's a clearer picture of the human activity occurring on your site, which is ultimately what matters to your business.

As a Union Business Services client, your traffic data will be filtered and scrubbed to eliminate (to the best of our ability) the kind of noise that could lead to wasted dollars and bad marketing decisions.

Standard metrics include:

  • Prior Month Traffic Overview
  • Prior Month Visitor Profile
  • Prior Month Links and Search Engines
  • Prior Month Content Performance
  • Prior 12 Months
  • Year-to-Date Referrals from Google
  • Year-to-Date Referrals from Yahoo

We can also provide quarterly site-traffic analysis, delivered in PowerPoint and PDF formats. Metrics include:

  • Results, Unfiltered and Filtered
  • Long-Term Trends
  • Traffic Influences
  • Most Popular Content
  • Referrals
  • Search-Site Presence
  • Search Sites: Performance vs. Benchmarks
  • Top Search Phrases
  • Top Referrals from Non-Search Sites